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Harthaven Partners LLC.



Because of our longstanding relationships with top-tier fund managers and entrepreneurs, HartHaven provides clients access to unique global opportunities through our direct co-investment program. Our dedicated team evaluates opportunities alongside lead general partners and entrepreneurs with the goal of creating novel investment opportunities with strong returns.

If you are looking to gain targeted exposure to certain healthcare investment types, or sectors, HartHave has the resources and experience to create a program that meets your needs.

As an experienced co-investment manager, clients investing with us will benefit from:

Service: With over 65 operations professionals, our team offers support and service to meet unique client needs

Customization: Whether you are looking to gain targeted exposure to certain geographies, investment types, or sectors, we source deals that meet your unique needs.


Strategic consulting is our core business and the introductory relationship to our firm. Our team partners with investors around the world in the analysis of domestic and foreign healthcare enterprises. We probe and test the investment thesis by a universal understanding of the competitive matrix, pipeline analysis, growth potential as well as exit and partnership opportunities. Our proprietary research design system allows for responsive and real time assessment of process, data and communication. Our goal is to provide significant “knowledge advantage” for our clients.

We achieve these results through bespoke services inclusive of:

  1. On-site education/presentation
  2. White papers, due diligence
  3. Teleconference
  4. Medical and Investment meeting presentations and roundtables

Our team of over 30 healthcare experts insures we have the resources to fulfill our clients investment knowledge needs.

Discretion is at the heart of our relationships. Our confidentiality policy includes a non-disclosure of current or past clients or projects unless expressly provided via written release by the client. We work with teams in the background as a partner and extension of internal processes.


HartHaven analysts conduct due diligence associated with investment prospects around healthcare business models, usability, and competitiveness.

Sample engagements include:

  • Working with a private equity firm to provide technology due diligence on a leading revenue cycle management technology vendor.
  • Performing due diligence on a fast-growing orthopedic device startup for a leading European private equity firm
    Helping a large private equity firm perform due diligence for a potential investment in the Healthcare IT space .
  • Working with a venture capital firm to analyze a patient facing healthcare engagement tool .
  • Helping the private equity group of a leading investment firm conduct due diligence on a back office technology firm.