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HartHaven is committed to improving community, particularly in the area of education, arts and healthcare. Below are some of our current philanthropic commitments

Migrant Farm Worker Clinic

Migrant farm workers are among the most economically disadvantaged and most medically vulnerable groups in the United States having little, if any, access to health care or medication. In addition to barriers to access to health care that many citizens meet like affordable health insurance, language barriers, and lack of transportation, migrant workers also experience additional barriers such as fear of deportation, loss or garnished wages, and being dismissed or not invited back to work by the employer due to missed work or health issues. A coalition of local organizations, along with the University of Connecticut (UConn), has formed a network to overcome these barriers and attend to the health care needs of migrant and seasonal farm workers.

Student Achievement Through Opportunity

Founded in 2011 as an extension of Beta Iota Boule’s education program, Student Achievement Through Opportunity (SATO) is a Hartford, Connecticut based organization dedicated to closing the opportunity gapand committed to addressing challenges of academic achievement for minority and low income students through programs providing both academic and cultural enrichment opportunities. SATO seeks to assist middle school students in broadening their sense of possibility, and provides support as they pursue access to higher education. At SATO, we believe student success involves creating opportunities that address the impediments our young scholars face. By addressing the “achievement gap”, SATO provides students with a unique opportunity to move beyond traditional approaches to education, learning and life

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Covenant Preparatory School

Covenant Prep is a tuition-free, independent day school for boys grades 6 through 8, the majority are from low income families with high aspiration for success and achievement. The school provides a challenging academic program in a supportive learning environment where motivated students are offered an intellectual, ethical, physical and cultural education. Covenant strives to graduate young men who are academically and socially prepared for an outstanding high school education, inspired to lead their lives in the pursuit of excellence, who model leadership and integrity, and are committed to their communities The school requires that parents/guardians commit to be actively involved in the school and support their child’s academic experience by providing transportation, school upkeep, and providing lunches for teachers and volunteer. Students successfully matriculate to leading secondary schools

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Grace Academy

With an average class size of 16, Grace Academy offers a highly personal approach to education which encourages independent thinking and responsible decision making. Grace Academy’s caring and committed faculty, staff and volunteers strive to engage each student’s intellectual curiosity, and to challenge each student to test her abilities. As a result, students are outperforming many of their peers by the time they graduate and matriculate into high performing private and magnet college preparatory high schools. Although 75 percent of the students are from households at less than 200% of the federal poverty level their wealth is in knowledge and achievement as they go on to the region and the nation’s top secondary schools.

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Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation Inc.

The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation Inc. was founded and funded by Louis and Lucille Armstrong in 1969 to “give back to the world some of the goodness he received.” The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the legacies of Louis and Lucille Armstrong throughout the world. Its mission includes supporting musicians, Jazz education, performances and programming. LAEF is a living legacy to “Satchmo” Louis Armstrong, the most important creative force in the early development and perpetuation of America’s music, Jazz. His influence, as an artist and cultural icon, is universal, unmatched and very much alive today.